A good thing to trace images.

What is this thing?

We make light pads to provide a handy tool to trace or transfer designs and patterns for embossing, scrapbooking, quilting, lettering, calligraphy and more. Even tattoo masters use it to design and trace their ideas. The surface is illuminated with LED and is bright enough to view source image through 7 paper sheets.

What size is it?

We make pads in different sizes. The lightened area can be A5, A4, A3 or A2. We also make A1 and even A0. A small border of 3 or 2 centimeters surrounds the working area and makes the tablet a little wider.

A5 and other A sizes were standardized by ISO 216. The A5 has the following dimensions: 210 x 148 mm or 8.27 x 5.83 inches. A4 is two times wider. It is 297 x 210 mm or 11.69 x 8.27 inches. And so on.

Other sizes of working area can be made per demand.

Oh. Just forgotten. It is slim. Very slim.

Is it bright?

Yes. It is. Look at the picture.

There is one paper sheet over the other. The paper is 80gsm. Let's try seven paper sheets over the source one.

Do you still see the image? I do.

Is it too bright?

You can regulate the pad's brightness pressing a sensor button. As you hold your finger on the button the brightness changes from high to low and backwards. When you release it the brightness is stated and you can work with the light you need.

So I will get clean image mapping?

We use special acrylic light guiding sheets without standing out dots or lines. It makes even lightened surface without splashes and shadows. Just look at the picture. My friend is using our pads instead of a light cube to make cool photos for websites and shops.

Is the pad heavyweight?

No. The A3 weights 1970 gramm packed in the box with all accessories. The A4 sized light pad was designed to be even lighter. One school buys A4 pads for teaching children with intellectual disability. So we make the pads thin light firm and durable. I can't remember any pad broken.

What if I will break one?

There is an one year limited warranty. In case of defects in materials or workmanship we will replace the pad at no charge. In case you break it we will try to help you. But please don't throw the pad on rocks or sink it in water. We are kind but not stupid.

Isn't it waterproof?

Partly. Do not use it while kayaking. Electrical appliance are not good for it.

So it makes light. Will it operate for years?

Yep. The LEDs chosen for our tablet can operate for ten or more years. LED's life expectancy written by manufacturer is 50000 hours. Let's divide it by 8 working hours a day. It will be 6250 days. 17 years approx. Does it suit your needs? The only problem is the power adaptor. This thing is not made by my hands and I cannot guarantee it's endurance.

What power socket is it good for?

Power adaptors allow to use different sockets. Commonly we supply adaptors with the next markings: 220-240V, 50-60 Hz. If you have 110V in your socket or you need another plug just tell us about it, we will try to supply the adaptor you need.

What wattage do I need?

Depends on pad size. A4 consumes about 6W, A3 needs 12W adaptor, A2 is for 24W. Be sure, this thing is really bright. To be really bright it has to consume more energy than any other pad you can buy. I have used light pads with 3,6W. I tell you, our pad is better.

Ok. Where I can buy it?

Right here. Use the paypal buttons and don't forget to type your full name and address. Remember the delivery is free.

Free delivery using post service!

Light pad А4
Lightened area:
210 х 297 mm (А4)
265х350х10 mm
Price: $54
Free delivery
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Light pad А3
Lightened area:
297 х 420 mm (А3)
350x473х10 mm
Price: $94
Free delivery
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Light pad А2
Lightened area:
420 х 594 mm (А2)
473x647х10 mm
Price: $138
Free delivery
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Other sizes can be ordered on demand.
Free delivery using post service. DPD, FedEx and other services available but require extra payment.

Just one more question.

You can find us on facebook and write mails to us. And use the next form to get quick answer.

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